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Landscape Mulch in Crown Point

Odyssey Landscape Supply is your local supplier of premium mulch in Crown Point. We offer a variety of mulch textures and colors for delivery to your home or commercial property. We offer flexible delivery options to work with your schedule. We can deliver our premium-grade mulch to you in either bags or bulk form to fit your landscaping project. Give us a call today at 630-320-2540 or email us to learn more.

We Deliver to You

We serve Crown Point, the entire greater Chicago area, southern Wisconsin, and western Indiana with premium mulch. Our service area encompasses 60 miles in each direction from our headquarters in Burr Ridge, Illinois. With convenient travel access from I-65, U.S. 231, Route 53, and Route 55, we happily serve Crown Point and your neighboring communities of Merrillville, Ainsworth, New Elliott, Cedar Lake, Leroy, and more. We deliver throughout Lake County. Check out the map of our Service Area.

Our Knowledgeable Staff is Ready to Help

Call us at 630-320-2540, and our experienced team of landscape surface experts will give you a quote. We offer transparent, upfront pricing that allows you to know the total cost before you order. Give us the dimensions of the area you need to cover, and we’ll determine the required quantity. To get started, fill out our online form or call us today.

Our Team is Reliable and Professional

Odyssey landscape mulch service in Crown Point Supply is a trusted provider of premium mulch to residential, retail, commercial, and municipal customers. We bring exceptional service with our courteous team members and timely delivery. Call us today as our knowledgeable team is ready to help you.

We Offer Both Bagged and Bulk Mulch

Our landscape mulch service in Crown Point is available in both bags and bulk delivery to Arlington Heights. If you’re a DIYer and want to spread your mulch over several project weekends, bagged mulch might be a good fit for you. If your planting beds require a more substantial amount or the pricing structure better fits your project budget, consider bulk delivery.

How Much Do I Need for My Landscaping?

Use this quick Mulch Calculator to determine in cubic yards the amount you’ll need to fit the size of your project. Or, call us at 630-320-2540 and tell us the area you need to cover. We’re ready to help!

Professionally Delivered & Competitively Priced

We deliver premium mulch without the premium prices. Check out our competitive pricing for landscape mulch service in Crown Point. We bring the mulch to you so you can skip the big box store and avoid a messy trunk. We’ll do the heavy lifting and shoveling from the back of our delivery truck and place your mulch on your residential driveway or commercial lot. When ordering, please let us know exactly where you’d like your mulch delivered.

Mulch Saves You Money

Mulch helps you conserve water and could lower your water bill from less frequent plant watering. Since a standard 3-inch layer of mulch can hold moisture from rainwater, you’ll use less water from the yard hose to keep your plants and flowers fed. When applied properly, a healthy layer of much keeps your plants cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Mulch will reduce your cost of replacing expensive flowers and plants due to weather damage.

Mulch Creates Curb Appeal

A good layer of mulch creates an environment for plants to grow. Vigorous, healthy plants and flowers will beautify your yard and enhance your property. A clean sheet of mulch creates a polished final touch to the curb appeal of your home and neighborhood.

Playground Safety with Playmat Mulch

Create a safer playing surface under swing sets and play equipment with a blanket of Playmat Mulch. The composition of this specially designed mulch meets the requirements of the Illinois Parks and Recreation standards and is certified by the State of Illinois with ASTM F1292 and F2075. Using the recommended depth of layering to address the equipment height, schools, churches, daycare centers, and municipalities use Playmat as their surface covering of choice. Use a generous layer of certified Playmat Mulch on playing surfaces to cushion the fall for children at play.

Odyssey Group Family Reliability

Odyssey Landscape Supply is another quality company in the Odyssey Group family of businesses. We are known for our excellent service, reliability, and attentive customer service. Our industry-leading reliability record means you can expect first-class service with prompt delivery and service for your mulch purchase. We can even bundle your services and consolidate your billing for easy management.

What to Expect:

Professional delivery

Premium Products

Consistent, dependable, and professional service

Dedicated customer support

About Odyssey Landscape Supply

Odyssey Landscape Supply is locally owned and operated and headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois. We are a trusted supplier of premium products and a vital member of the Odyssey Group family of companies. We have built a decades-long reputation of quality, service, and dependability and have grown our business over the years to serve the many needs of loyal customers.

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